Simple, easy, inexpensive DIY face masks right from your kitchen cabinet! Skincare products can be hundreds of dollars for simple ingredients or harmful chemicals- take the stress out of your beauty regimen by making your masks at home. Save money, hassle, and your skin!

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About Me

My name is Lia Michelle- welcome to my blog! I am a UNLV college student and Las Vegas native who is well aware of the struggles we all face trying to maintain a beauty regimen. Skincare products can cost hundreds of dollars for minimal product. I have taken my favorite ingredients from different masks and moisturizers, and created skin care treatments from right out of my kitchen cabinet!

Working full time as a manager’s assistant and being a full-time student, I understand the crunch on time and money. As I grew more and more fond of my luxury skincare products, I realized that the ingredients were not elaborate or hard to find. I began making DIY masks over a year a go to save some money, and I realized how easy it was! I began taking staple ingredients -like honey or brown sugar- from my favorite products and building masks out of them.

My favorite skincare lines are Lush Cosmetics and Origins, but both can be rather pricey depending on what you are looking for. I think using natural and fresh products is the most effective way to change how you treat your skin, but I did not want to burn a hole into my pocket trying to do so. I have bills to pay each month as I am paying my own way through school, so saving money is critical for me. What I have learned from my personal experiences is simplicity. Affordable skincare is right at home in your kitchen cabinet.

I believe that anyone can have an easy, inexpensive skincare regimen that works for their skin and schedule!


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For any questions regarding posts, recipes, or anything else you can contact me at lia.herlosky@aol.com

I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible!


xoxo Lia Michelle